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Game Creators is a new kind of professional community for those who create games... and those who love them. We connect them together to create new opportunities and incredible game experiences.

Membership Tiers

We have 3 tiers for different roles:


For: Developers, designers, artists, musicians, writers, producers, investors, and testers.
Game pitch contests, expert assistance, industry speakers, pair coding, teams, career guidance, project feedback, launch support.


For: Mega Fans, Influencers, Streamers.
Insider access to game dev teams, AMA sessions, voting on games and game features. Support projects to get them Greenlit and enjoy early access to betas, test events, and perks!


For: Everyone
Find the hottest new games, see early shots, be the one who knows.
Special giveaways and in-game perks.

We are supported by $PLAY coin to make life easy, and more exciting. Through it, we can offer free in-game transactions, reward community members, and fund game creation. Coming April 2021!

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